Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bag of Bones

Last weekend on channel A&E, I watched a two night movie event called, "Bag of Bones." It's based on the the Stephen King novel and stars, Pierce Brosnan, Annabeth Gish, and Melissa George. I had been looking forward to seeing this film for about a month now and got to see a behind the scenes look into the movie, and it definitely caught my attention.

Here is a brief synopsis of "Bag of Bones."

Several years after his wife Jo's death, novelist Mike Noonan, played by Pierce Brosnan, still suffers writer's block. A dream inspires him to return to the couple's summer retreat in western Maine, a lakeside house called "Sara Laughs." Shortly after arriving, Noonan is caught in the middle of a custody battle involving the daughter of an attractive young widow, played by Melissa George, and the child's enormously wealthy grandfather. He also discovers that "Sara Laughs" is haunted and that his late wife, Joanna, still has something to tell him.

The more Noonan starts to investigate about his wife's death and the secrets of the town, more strange things start to happen. He begins to see more of his wife's ghost as a deformed swamp corpse, along with other women shown in the same scary way. He also begins to see other ghost figures, including children. It seems the more and more he investigates, the worse these visions happen to him.

While watching this film, I definitely went in with an open mind. There were some movie critics who didn't like the film because supposedly it was a lot different from the novel. In any movie I watch, I try to not base it on the book. I don't see how people can compare because in film, it's a completely different medium than a book. Both are two different ways to tell a story.

When I started watching the film, I admit it started out slow for about the first 30 minutes, but then definitely turns into a scary psychological thriller. The story also had many twists that kept me on my toes and I couldn't keep my eyes off it. The movie definitely picks up and as a viewer I was very surprised by the turn of events that happen and what Noonan learns.

By the end, I really enjoyed, "Bag of Bones." At first there were moments that didn't make sense to me but as the movie progresses, the events begin to connect. I liked how everything came together in the end and I do recommend seeing this film if you get the chance. It's on the A&E Channel and you can also see it on demand. I recommend "Bag of Bones," to check out. Even if you don't think it's the best interpretation of the Stephen King novel, it's definitely still something new to check out and you'll appreciate the unexpected ending. Pierce Brosnan did a wonderful job of staying in character as Noonan, even with all of the crazy and macob things that happen to him. Everyone was perfectly cast in this film.

HERE IS THE LINK TO SEE THE PREVIEW TO "Bag of Bones," http://bcove.me/bc9mxg0d

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Deadly Femme Fatale

New and incredible drawing created by illustrator, artist, and writer, Nima Sorat. Just like me, he has a turn on for women being strong, powerful, and sometimes a bit crazy!!!

Enjoy this drawing and quote, straight from the illustrator's mouth:

"The drawing is of some femme fatale character who shot some fella in the tub. Don't know what exactly the chap did,but she let him have it regardless. -N. Sorat

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Horror Film Tattoos

You all know my girlfriend beauty Jasmine Blue but you don't know that she has an incredible back tattoo of Jack Nicholson from the Shining tattooed on her back. She loves her horror and is in the process of finishing this spectacular tattoo. Also she plans on getting more horror movie portraits done on her back which I only what they are going to be.
Besides her having amazing horror body art, her boyfriend Brad has incredible work too, including one of my all time movies, Nightmare on Elm Street. I'm sure Brad is going to get more work done too. Jasmine and Brad are a great couple and here is some info. on their body art.

Brad's Info:
Brad Baker
Both tattoos were custom

Predator Tattoo done by ToDo
at ABT Tattoo in McDonough, GA

Nightmare On Elm Street Tattoo
done by a friend

Jasmine's Tattoo Info:
Jack Nicholson done by
a morally depraved, fucking asshole

I adore them and can't wait to see what they do and get next.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Southern Vampire Writer, Michelle Hughes

Through a mutual friend online, I met and connected with dark and amazing writer, Michelle Hughes. I found my self interested in her right away and her love for vampires, a girl after my own heart. Michelle isn't any typical vampire writer tho. In her stories she digs deep and pulls dark and sometimes erotic thoughts out of her character's subconscious which adds a whole other element to her writing. Even though her stories are fiction, there are little pieces of herself and her dreams that she expresses in her work. I enjoy that also because the stories give a personal look on life and what's it like to be in one of her character's shoes.

I've only started reading Michelle's stories and am looking forward to reading more. She has an amazing series out that I'm thrilled about, the first book being, "A Night at Tears of Crimson," which I've read and enjoyed. I can't wait to read more of her work and am glad I get the opportunity to do a blog about Michelle and her work, plus learning more about her life. Here is an excerpt on Michelle and how she went from reading romance novels to writing deep vampire stories. I myself am excited to read more from this Southern author.

From Michelle Hughes:

"As someone who lives in a small town in Alabama you might be asking
yourself how in the world I got into writing about vampires. Let me
just say when you live 45 minutes from the nearest town, you
definitely have to find ways of entertaining yourself. I began
reading Harlequin Romances as a young girl and already had a love of
Happily Ever After and at first that was where I had planned on taking
my writing adventure. When I finally decided to pursue writing as a
full-time career I attempted to do these wonderful little romances but
they just weren't exciting enough for me. I've had dreams about a
certain vampire since I was a young girl of fifteen and finally it
came to me that maybe I could share my vision of him with the world.
These dreams were very personal to me and I fought myself for a while
on opening up the darkest desires of my heart and sharing them with
strangers. I made a deal with my own subconscious that I would write
out these dreams and if I decided to just keep them as my own personal
diary of sorts, then that would be fine.

The first book in the series, A Night at Tears of Crimson, actually
sat on a shelf in my bedroom for two years before I decided that I was
ready to do something with it. I dusted off the four notebooks that
contained my hearts work and started transcribing it into my computer.
It took almost a full year of editing before I decided it was good
enough to be viewed by any eyes but my own. Basically these were
dreams that I wrote on paper so as you can imagine they had to be
shaped into some sort of logical reading order. I wrote the first
book in first person because it was me through the eyes of Cara Faith
Donovan, who was my alter-ego in the dreams. These dreams spanned the
course of my life for the last twenty-five years so each word is
essentially a part of my soul.

Ironically, as I began to transcribe from paper to computer ideas
started flooding my thoughts to the point I couldn't even keep up some
nights. It wasn't so much that I decided to write about vampires but
that a certain vampire refused to leave my thoughts long enough to let
me concentrate on anything else. Even today this vampire dream lover,
that's how I refer to my Rafe, will chastise me in my dreams if I
don't write when he gives me the ideas. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm
writing this story or if it's writing me. It's been an incredible
journey and one that I hope will never end."

I hope it never ends either Michelle. Here are some places to find her stories and books. You can also special order her work as well:

Amazon both paperback and kindle

Barnes And Noble

ValoreBooks http://www.valorebooks.com/textbooks/a-night-at-tears-of-crimson-(volume-1)/9781461012290?utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Froogle&utm_source=Froogle&date=11/20/11&buy=3

A1 Outlet http://www.a1outlet.com/cgi-bin/mktSearch?act=showDesc&code=gbase&rel=1&ITEM_CODE=1461012295&SELLER_ID=763796&ITEM_TITLE=NIGHT-TEARS-CRIMSON-VOLUME-1

I hope you all check out and read Michelle's work and enjoy it as much as I did. I can't wait to read more. Besides the about places and links where to find her work, here is her twitter and personal blog to check her out and connect with her.

Twitter: Twitter.com/@MichelleHughes_

Official Website: www.tearsofcrimson.info

Blog: http://tocnightclub.blogspot.com/ (which is mostly about anything vampire which I love.)


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cemetery and Hearses

A few weeks ok as a hot fetish and gothic update on my site, HTTP://WWW.RUBYVIOLENCE.COM, and I loved doing that shoot so much that I wanted to include at least a few spooky teasers from that set. Again you can only see this FULL SET only at my Official Website but I wanted my horror fans to check out these hot, scary, and sexy cemetery sneak peeks.

Oh and p.s, my girlfriend Miz Raven (twitter.com/Miz_Raven) who has written past blogs and reviews for me about hearses, had brought her own to this dark and sexy shoot. Enjoy and see the full set on my set.

Top 5 favs of the week

Here are the top five favorites from my twitter friend, Ms.Stacey Gill, twitter.com/msstaceygill. She has definite great taste. Here they are:

1. Ichi The Killer 2. Audition 3. One Missed Call 4. Dark Waters 5. The Exorcist

Definitely check her out on twitter.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ginger Snaps

One of my favorite films is a cool horror chick film called, "Ginger Snaps." It came out in 2000 and I absolutely love it. As part of my celebration of Halloween this year, tonight I decided to watch it. I'm watching it as I write this actually. If you are into independent horror films and werewolves, this is definitely a film to watch. Here is a brief synopsis of the film and the concept, which I personally think is super cool. It's definitely different from other werewolf films. Definitely check it out when you get a chance.

Brief synopsis of the film:

This film uses werewolfism as a metaphor for puberty. One of the Fitzgerald sisters, suburban goth girl outcasts, gets bitten by something in the woods (and it ain't a neighborhood dog).


Is becoming a woman analogous, in some deep psychological way, to becoming a werewolf? Ginger is 16, edgy, tough, and, with her younger sister, into staging and photographing scenes of death. They've made a pact about dying together. In early October, on the night she has her first period, which is also the night of a full moon, a werewolf bites Ginger. Within a few days, some serious changes happen to her body and her temperament. Her sister Brigitte, 15, tries to find a cure with the help of Sam, a local doper. As Brigitte races against the clock, Halloween and another full moon approach, Ginger gets scarier, and it isn't just local dogs that begin to die.

Dancez avec la Poet Noirs



Were it not for love but for lust...

I would sink like a life raft
punctured by your mindless fears of rejection

A tongue cuts like a knife

A kiss feels like a razor

A touch is just a bloody wound
that floods the sea
and fuels the danger

Angry words
an icicle stab
The lost love look
a junkie's jab

I float around the shadows
of the shark infested strategy
in wonder and amazement
should I drown or tempt the tragedy?

Forgive me
for the brutal force
In fight or flight
it's still a corpse

Written by Deborah La Rue

Thursday, October 27, 2011


New story by horror writer Xander Grim. I always enjoy reading and posting his work especially when he puts me as a character in the story. Here's his new story. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it.

The Body, pt.1

By Xander Grimm

The two lovers lay naked together in their bed, their legs intertwined, bodies glistening with sweat. A soft chuckle escaped Michelle Masters’ lips as the events of the past few months slowly crept back into her brain. Six months ago, she had been just another normal everyday African-American babe. And then he came; a silent shadow in the middle of the night, a brief, sharp pain, and her whole world was changed. She wasn’t bitter about the whole affair, far from it. Sure, sometimes she pondered about the reasoning behind his decision to convert her, but her feelings were not ones of animosity. After all, without his “intervention”, she may have never had her mind opened to the world of experiences currently ahead of her. A world that her vampiric lover Ruby was more than happy to acquaint her with.

As if she could read Michelle’s thoughts, Ruby’s head picked itself up from its resting spot about Michelle’s right breast, a small smile breaking across her lips.

“You were amazing tonight, my love”, she cooed softly,

Michelle chuckled again, and leaned down to kiss her partner on the forehead. “You weren’t so bad yourself, darling”, she said with a sly grin. A soft sigh whispered out from between her teeth as she gazed down into the face of her beloved. “Ruby?”, she asked softly.

Ruby’s eyes gazed up into Michelle’s. “Hmmm?”

Michelle sighed again. “Have you ever wondered about the intentions behind your conversion?”

Ruby frowned and shook her head. “I’m afraid not, my love. I inherited my vampirism from my mother, rather than gaining it from a bite. Sure, there was some slight unpleasantness when I hit puberty and all of a sudden I was craving blood and leaking it at the same time, but that eventually passed. Why do you ask?”

Michelle shrugged. “No reason, I guess.”

Ruby propped herself up on her elbow and stared at Michelle, her eyes sharp with concern. “You’re thinking about him again, aren’t you? Your sire?”

Michelle glanced down at her naked breasts, her voice squeaky from being found out. “Maybe a little bit…”

It was Ruby’s turn to sigh. “Darling, I thought you had gotten over this.”

Michelle pouted. “I have, for the most part. It’s just that I can’t help it sometimes. I don’t feel violated or anything like that anymore, I just want to know why. I want to know what he was thinking when he decided to turn me…”

Ruby sighed again. “If it truly means that much to you, I can talk to this guy I know. He’s a friend of the family’s from back before my grandparents moved over here from overseas. He owns a surplus store a few towns over and tends to hear a lot of gossip from both his human and non-human customers. If anyone is gonna have information on who your mystery man might be, it’s him. We’ll go talk to him later this week and see what he knows.”

Michelle smiled and leaned down to gently kiss Ruby on the lips. “Thank you, my sweet.”

Ruby smiled and lowered her head to Michelle’s breast, gently pressing her lips to her lover’s pert nipple. “No problem, my love. Now, let’s take your mind off all of this silly man talk.”

A soft moan erupted form Michelle’s lips as Ruby’s teeth closed around her nipple, her soft fingers moving down between Michelle’s legs. Soon, Michelle’s moans grew louder as they were joined by Ruby’s, and the walls of their apartment continued to echo with the sounds of their harmonious love making well into the early morning.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dark Lady in Waiting

A few months ago I did a Marie Antoinette with a group of photographers and models. We were all decked out and looked amazing. The shoot also had a fun fetish twist to it, with each other being tied up in lace.
Recently I just received brand new photos from that set from one of the photographers and was very excited to see what he did. Here he took black and white photos of me and darkened them to the extreme to give me a SCARY and very "VIOLENTLY SEXY," to them. I also the sepia tone that Carl used on one photo here of me which gives me an eerie glow.

Even though the set was French Marionette themed, thesephotos remind me of being a lady around Jack the Ripper's time in the foggy streets of London coming in and out of the shadows. I love the way these photos came out and am proud to put them on here. I also loved and appreciated how the liquid latex that I had dripping down my chest looked liked blood almost. Big thank you to Carl Shubs for his amazing photos and talent. I hope to be working with him again soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pinup Horror Girls, ChainSaw Sally and Ruby Violence

Here is an amazing illustration of horror star and friend, Chainsaw Sally and me created by incredible and very talented Nima Sorat. This is just the first of many images. I absolutely love this. Make sure to google Nima Sorat to see more of his work. He is one of the greatest illustrators of today! This is such a cool rendition of Sally! I love this

Mark Morbidity's Top 5

I always love learning and knowing what my fellow horror pals are currently watching, reading, or having fun with and this week I got the top faves from my twitter friend and movie lover, Mark Morbidity. He definitely has great taste in films and you should definitely check him on twitter at twitter.com/markmorbidity.

Here is his very cool list of his top 5 favorite horror flicks and why. I agree with most of the ones he listed and he is awesome to tweet with. Definitely check him out.

MarkMorbidity's Top 5 Horror Movies

"The Blair Witch Project"

This Movie is by far the best movie I've seen.
When I saw this movie as a kid at my aunt's house I
didn't want to walk back home since i lived in a
woodsy area. Best movie to see to date in my opinion.

"The Thing"

I'm not talking about the one that came out I'm talking
about the 80s version. This movie is amazing with the
effects and just bloody and gory,
It kept me on my feet and just wondered who was the infected and who wasn't.

"Hellraiser 1&3"

What can I say? Clive Barker made some amazing morbid characters that
made these films amazing.
When i was a kid i couldnt even watch the movie because pinhead scared
the shit outta me haha. Any of the 3 first movies are great but from the more recent ones not so much

"28 Days Later"

This movie doesn't fit in much with horror but the story,charaters and plot
fit in nicely. The songs used to depict the emotions through the whole movies
is simply amazing.In my opinion the zombies where well made unlike the other zombie movies.
But I gotta say this nothing beats George A Romero zombie movies :]

Last but not least,

"Cannibal Holocaust"

This movie is byfar the worst gory banned movie ever made.
If you want to see this movie you can probably get it bootlegged of someone or
look it up online.
My friend told me to watch this movie like 2 years back and he didn't gave me any info on it just to watch it so I did.
The movie was gory as fuck. I told my friend that the effects were to realistic but it wasnt effects.
Actual live animals killed in a movie.
If you want to watch this be my guest but this movie is by far the sickest movie ever made!

-Mark Morbidity

Monday, October 10, 2011

Universal Horror Nights

This year, Universal Horror Nights included crazy haunted mazes from, House of 1000 Corpses, The Thing, Scream Tram Ride, Alice Cooper, and Hostel. I went last night with Julia X and we had the best time. There is nothing better than two cute girls who love horror films getting chased by horror movie characters and having fun being scared.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Horror Movie Debut is here....



Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Mainstream Horror Movie Debut

Yesterday I filmed my very first mainstream horror movie. I've done many horror clips and films for websites and shorts, etc, but nothing as big as this. I was so excited and honored to get the main character role in this film.

This film is directed and written by talented director, Nick Rucca and is called "T" or "T for Tranny." It's a sick and twisted and fabulous story and when I read the script, I instantly knew I wanted to be the bad ass killer bitch in this film, and I got my wish.

The basic story line is a bunch of guys who throw their best bro, a bachelor party and tease him with alcohol and inscribe the word, "Tranny," on his head in sharpie. The poor groom to be goes to the bathroom from a hangover and notices the word on his forehead, comes back to where his friends are, and is super pissed. All of a sudden a bunch of raver and strobe lights go on, and in walks me looking as sexy as hell and start groping him, dancing with him, teasing him, making out with him, and more. The bachelor gets so excited, with his friends egging him on, until he realizes I'm not the sweet sexy girl, he thought I was. Sufficeth to say, he freaks out and knocks me back into a table where I am pronounced dead. As all the guys start to freak out, I come back to life and take my revenge on these boys and start to enjoy a party of my own, with a massive blood bath of killing.

I had so much fun playing this role and can't wait until it's out and everyone, including my horror fans can see it. It's an incredible cast and I had the best and nicest people on set working with me. Just from the still shots I saw yesterday, I know this film is going to be bad ass and that everyone will enjoy it, including me. It's pretty much my dream role, playing a killer babe back from the dead. ;)

Here are some early pics on set that I shot of my awesome cast and of me. THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF PROMOS AND PHOTOS TO SHOW FOR THIS FILM, so this is just a little tiny sneak bloody peek. Enjoy and get ready soon to see my first Horror Movie Debut!

P.S: For people who are familiar with twisted crazy films, I would describe my role as a raven-haired Sherri Moon from House of 1000 Corpses with a twisted fun Robocop instinct to kill. As she would also say in her films, "Whatever you do, you got to do. There is no wrong. If someone needs to be killed, you kill them."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nick Kushner’s Les Crimes De L’Amour at Studio Servitu

This past Saturday Night, I went to an incredible art show at one of my favorite places, Studio Servitu, hosted by my sexy minx girls, Jane Jett and Miss Crash, promoting artist Nick Kushner. He is an artist who dabbles in very personal and intimate intense work, including using his own blood in his work. His work is amazing and he actually did a small performance piece that night showing how he cuts him selves and literally puts himself and his body into his work. It was a very interesting experience to see and was exquisite at the same time. He also had some pieces displayed in charcoal and pencil were just as amazing.
It was a wonderful time Saturday night and I of course loved seeing fellow artists, and my friends, and enjoyed playing while seeing some amazing work at the same time.

Here is a brief artist statement of Nick Kushner of his work and what he produced Saturday night and some photos taken on Saturday Night.

I can also say too that Studio Servitu and the two amazing hosts, Jane and Crash never cease to amaze me with their nights at the Studio.

Live Blood Signing .·. Evil Wine+Absinthe Bar .·. Salient Performances
Sponsored by Evil Wine, Jade Asbinthe, Monster Energy Drink & Lip Service

On 09.10.11 New York based artist Nick Kushner will be hanged at Studio ServitĂș in Los Angeles. 'Les Crimes De L'Amour' marks Kushner's first solo exhibition displaying his signature works which speak of disillusionment & pain through the themes of love, death, and abuse - but of the ultimate catharsis that can be attained through the artistic distillation of the emotions evoked by these, most notably by the medium he uses to create them - his own blood.

Kushner likens his work to "Art as modern-day alchemy by the literal and complete immersion within it, unleashing the schism of transformation and inflicting the vision of the innermost catharsis upon the world through its creation. Works meticulously detailed in esoteric imagery, and painted in blood, the most personal and symbolic medium intrinsically possible", tapping into the darker recesses of the human psyche with surreal imagery that is driven not only by his knowledge of the occult, but by life experience as well.

He will be premiering new works as well as a retrospective compendium of his catalogue at ServitĂș which will be augmented by a full aural presentation of image projections, a set by Marilyn Manson guitarist/songwriter DJ TWIGGY RAMIREZ, sanguine stained walls, star studded performances, appearances and presenters. A live blood signing will be held for those who acquire prints exclusively available for the evening.

Also definitely check out this link and google Nick's name to see more information on this incredible artist. http://www.lescrimesdelamour.com/