Thursday, October 27, 2011


New story by horror writer Xander Grim. I always enjoy reading and posting his work especially when he puts me as a character in the story. Here's his new story. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it.

The Body, pt.1

By Xander Grimm

The two lovers lay naked together in their bed, their legs intertwined, bodies glistening with sweat. A soft chuckle escaped Michelle Masters’ lips as the events of the past few months slowly crept back into her brain. Six months ago, she had been just another normal everyday African-American babe. And then he came; a silent shadow in the middle of the night, a brief, sharp pain, and her whole world was changed. She wasn’t bitter about the whole affair, far from it. Sure, sometimes she pondered about the reasoning behind his decision to convert her, but her feelings were not ones of animosity. After all, without his “intervention”, she may have never had her mind opened to the world of experiences currently ahead of her. A world that her vampiric lover Ruby was more than happy to acquaint her with.

As if she could read Michelle’s thoughts, Ruby’s head picked itself up from its resting spot about Michelle’s right breast, a small smile breaking across her lips.

“You were amazing tonight, my love”, she cooed softly,

Michelle chuckled again, and leaned down to kiss her partner on the forehead. “You weren’t so bad yourself, darling”, she said with a sly grin. A soft sigh whispered out from between her teeth as she gazed down into the face of her beloved. “Ruby?”, she asked softly.

Ruby’s eyes gazed up into Michelle’s. “Hmmm?”

Michelle sighed again. “Have you ever wondered about the intentions behind your conversion?”

Ruby frowned and shook her head. “I’m afraid not, my love. I inherited my vampirism from my mother, rather than gaining it from a bite. Sure, there was some slight unpleasantness when I hit puberty and all of a sudden I was craving blood and leaking it at the same time, but that eventually passed. Why do you ask?”

Michelle shrugged. “No reason, I guess.”

Ruby propped herself up on her elbow and stared at Michelle, her eyes sharp with concern. “You’re thinking about him again, aren’t you? Your sire?”

Michelle glanced down at her naked breasts, her voice squeaky from being found out. “Maybe a little bit…”

It was Ruby’s turn to sigh. “Darling, I thought you had gotten over this.”

Michelle pouted. “I have, for the most part. It’s just that I can’t help it sometimes. I don’t feel violated or anything like that anymore, I just want to know why. I want to know what he was thinking when he decided to turn me…”

Ruby sighed again. “If it truly means that much to you, I can talk to this guy I know. He’s a friend of the family’s from back before my grandparents moved over here from overseas. He owns a surplus store a few towns over and tends to hear a lot of gossip from both his human and non-human customers. If anyone is gonna have information on who your mystery man might be, it’s him. We’ll go talk to him later this week and see what he knows.”

Michelle smiled and leaned down to gently kiss Ruby on the lips. “Thank you, my sweet.”

Ruby smiled and lowered her head to Michelle’s breast, gently pressing her lips to her lover’s pert nipple. “No problem, my love. Now, let’s take your mind off all of this silly man talk.”

A soft moan erupted form Michelle’s lips as Ruby’s teeth closed around her nipple, her soft fingers moving down between Michelle’s legs. Soon, Michelle’s moans grew louder as they were joined by Ruby’s, and the walls of their apartment continued to echo with the sounds of their harmonious love making well into the early morning.

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