Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My New Casting Mold

I have such amazing friends and people in my life. One of them is my friend and tattoo artist Raymond, surprised me this morning. I first met Raymond when I went to his tattoo shop, "Altered Flesh," to have him touch up one of my tats and to do a new one for me. We started talking and we both found out that we both have an amazing love for Horror. We definitely hit it off. Not that long ago, he told me he bought me something special. We barely knew each other but he told me that the item reminded him of me. This morning I finally got my surprise and I couldn't believe what he got me. He was actually able to get me one of the special edition
original molds from Freddy Krueger films. I jumped on him and hugged him so tightly. I was so sweet for Raymond to that for me. Even though him and I have only known and been friends with each other for a few months, I feel like I've known him for years, in a good way, and I'm very grateful and appreciated for not only my incredible gift, but for also being an extremely good friend. Thank you Raymond!!! I can't wait to hang this mold up!

Bikers From Hell

Ok, I know this song is a popular one but I don't care. I love it and the music video is bad ass creepy cool. Enjoy the tune, the band "Neon Trees," and of course the grueling biker zombies. Oh and of course the luscious skater girl waitress who has the same heart shaped glasses as me. ;)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Date at the Psycho House

Last night I went to Universal Studios for their annual "Horror Nights." This is the fourth year I went there and it is always enjoyable. The highlight of the evening was doing the haunted tram and walking attraction. The theme this year was the Un Dead Zombies from the awesome and creepy t.v show, "The Walking Dead." You can watch it on AMC. The walking tour was so much fun. I had a blast seeing and being startled and chased after by people dressed up like the Zombies from the show and it was pretty realistic. I bought a shirt after since I enjoyed it so much. A little added bonus during the walk was a separate area where I got to get my photo taken at the original Hitchcock' Psycho House from the classic, "Psycho," starring Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins! There was a young guy dressed up as Norman Bates and when he saw me, he pulled me up to the house, offered me a hotel room and showed me his impressive knife. I think it was love at first site. HaHa. Anyways, here's a photo of Mr. Norman Bates and I with my friend in the back.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hell House Burlesque HORROR FLASHBACK

I'm very happy for Halloween to come soon. I love the Autumn weather that's starting to happen more. I've decided on here to post images from past and present photo shoots that relate to Halloween and horror and dark. The shoot is called from "Hell House Burlesque," Photos shot by my girl and wonderful friend, Jazzie Scarecrobot!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


You all know by now how much I love Rob Zombie and all this work he does. Whether it's his crazy cool bad ass music or his movies. I actually have a specific Rob Zombie piece not too long ago. Synopsis: Hit the bricks, The tennag3 Sabrina — Rob Zombie is back and ready to make you super uncomfortable with his gothy versions of witches. "So far, so god." I rewound this trailer multiple times, just and just having Sherri Moon in it, made a MUST- SEE soon. I'm so exited to see HERE'S THE LINK TO SEE THE FIRST TRAILER OF ROB ZOMBIES CALLED, "LORDS OF SALEM" Staytuned for it http://io9.com/5949458/first-trailer-for-rob-zombies-witch-movie-will-give-you-a-bad-touch Enjoy!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Zombie Princesses

What a better way to start the Halloween season off. Nothing better than Zombie Princesses!

Monday, October 1, 2012


One thing I love doing is creating. Whether it's photographing, (or being photographed, painting, designing, etc. I always like to express myself any way I can. I've started a new project called, "CUSTOM BOX." Years ago after taking a few book arts classes, I realized how much I enjoyed making custom items for my self and for other people. I enjoyed thinking of new ideas to help make leave my signature on a piece of art and I did that by making my own creations. After showing the stuff that I had made to other people and getting great and encouraging feedback from them, I decided to see if I could maybe make a tiny business out of it. I had a small boutique in the Lower Haight area of San Francisco and sold handmade boxes, handmade books, special binding, and more. I've now decided to start creating customized boxes and other items for people to enjoy again. When I first sold my stuff in up North, I sold whatever I had made for my self. Now I've started making CUSTOMIZED objects on what people want. For example I just finished doing this ROB ZOMBIE box because I wanted that to be my theme. I plan on also doing boxes with PINUP,TATTOO, HORROR, CARTOON, GRAFFITI, PORTFOLIO, ADULT ONLY, and much more and I'm making my work depending on what people want. I ALSO LOVE CREATING PIECES TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED ME! Here are some examples of not only my new Rob Zombie box but other work that I've done in the past. Everything is one of a kind! IF INTERESTED , you can leave a comment here or you can hit me up on twitter at twitter.com/ruby__v. Again, if you are looking for something specific and unique, let me know and I'll do it. *PRICES VARY DEPENDING ON SUPPLIES AND TIME.