Friday, March 23, 2012

Incredibly Strange Ed Wood

Most of you know that one of my close horror buddies on twitter that I chat and blog with and have known for awhile now, Chris aka @ScreamQueenArmy. Besides being sweet and good friend, he know the horror genre more than any other person I know. He runs his own horror blog and is a great writer.

Recently just did a blog feature on some of his all time favorite movies and I enjoyed it so much, that I'm posting the link here. I love his blog and enjoy all his contributions. One of the reasons I did this horror blog so that other horror lovers can give their two cents.

Check out Scream's post under "HORROR MOVIES I LOVE," "Incredibly Strange Ed Wood."
at this link.

Link: http://screamqueenarmy.blogspot.com/2012/03/incredibly-strange-ed-wood.html

Thank you Scream for being the coolest horror lover and for your incredible knowledge on our favorite genre.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Weapon of a Choice

In most horror films, the killer has a specific weapon or tool her or she like to use. Jason had his machete, Michael Myers had a knife, Jack Nicholson had an axe, etc. You get the picture.

(Just to clear up, I don't have any intention of killing.)
For me if I had to choose, I would have to choose a knife. I'd use a very big one for those who dare cross my path in my house or somewhere I knew it wouldn't be seen easily, and also a smaller switchblade that would fit snug in my purse for on the go, like lipstick.

The Dream will be Unveiled

This past week my friend and writer Michelle Hughes posted a new excerpt blog for her site. I always love reading her vampire stories but I absolutely love this new piece of writing from her that I had to put it up here.

Enjoy this, straight from the "Tears of Crimson," Night Club!

He is calling to you from the dream, patiently he waits to share the passion he held in check. When he arrives he will show no mercy, and demand nothing less than your soul in return. His desires will unfold and demand everything you've refused, how will you be strong enough to fight the temptation of endless night? Tears will fall, hearts will discover the true price of love. In the end, eternity will refuse to be denied.

Revel in the time you have to find peace, soon your world will change before your eyes. For now, you have a choice, where will you be when the crimson tears begins to fall?

Got your Hand..

I was sent this today buy a friend of mine and I want this so badly. It's the original hand from the original Freddy Kruger series and is personally signed by Mr. Robert Englund, himself. If I could, I would go snatch it up right now.