Monday, January 23, 2012

Red Riding Hood

Before I say anything else, the remade movie of "Red Riding Hood," has nothing to do with or inspire this art piece.

Here's an incredibly dark, wicked, and scary version of the "Red Riding Hood," character. It was created by Nima Sorat and here is a little blurb explaining this creepy cool image.

" This is a curious little figurine. The juxtaposition of children's rhyme and the macabre was really fascinating. Its a good idea of a visual representation of the nursery ryhms and stories from long ago. After taking the picture I opened up an unabridged and unsanatized book of daily tails and I was amazed by how the presence of danger, dismemberment, or death was nearly in everyone of them." -N.S

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Take a Bite out of Cyber Bullying

These illustrations are from artist Nima Sorat. A few months ago, I was asked to come up with ideas and illustrations to help the campaign against Cyber Bullying. Cyber bullying is one the things I hate the most about the internet. Whatever age you are, there is no reason why anyone deserves to by harassed and/or bullied.

The people who wanted these illustrations wanted a vampire flair to them and they came out perfect and were exactly what the campaign wanted, which was a great feeling.

Again I'm a huge advocate of people who are against Cyber bullying!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Last week I watched a movie called, "Don't be Afraid of the Dark", and it was absolutely horrible. The movie actors are, Guy Pierce, Katie Holmes, and Bailee Madison as the little girl. I like Guy Piece's acting normally but I'm not a Katie Holmes fan at all but I wanted to see it just to give it a chance and of course it's because a horror film. It was completely different than what I thought, in a bad way.

Here's a brief synopsis and movie statement:

"A young girl sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own."

Even the concept of this film, I didn't enjoy. The little girl who is the main character spends most of the movie not talking and is very sullen. She then discovers the creatures from the furnace of the old mansion that she and her dad, " Guy Pierce and girlfriend, Katie Holmes had just moved into. Finally this lonely little girl Sally opens up the furnace in the the basement because she starts hearing voices calling out her name. Shen naively sets these creatures free. At first Sally thinks they are nice and friendly but can only be out when it's dark out, hence the title.
When Sally finally figures out these creatures are trouble, she confides to Katie Holme's character who believes her and goes to research the story of the old house.

I wouldn't want to give away the ending, in case you still want to check this horrid and predictable film out.

I wanted to see the movie also because it was written by Guillermo del Toro, who's work I usually enjoying watching. If he had been directing the movie, it might have been a little better but not as much. I found my self laughing so hard just because of all the bad acting in "Don't be Afraid of the Dark." I can honestly say that there wasn't anything I enjoyed about this film and being completely honest in this movie review.

Now if you are like me and feel you have to see it just because it's supposed to be a "horror," which it isn't at all. It was a rip off of the movies, "Labyrinth," "The Gate" and the creatures were ripped off from the creatures in "The Descent."

All in all, I give it two thumbs down, Hopefully my next film review will be a better one.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blood in the Bathroom

I never mind having a naked, tattooed girl in my bathroom, especially when it's Jasmine Blue!

This photo has three of my favorite things, Blood, Knives, and Jasmine Blue!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Vampire Nightclub


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Tears of Crimson Vampire Nightclub

Happy New Year from everyone at Tears of Crimson. 2011 was an incredible year and we are looking forward to having an amazing 2012. Many exciting things are in the works this year, including the release of Eternal Crimson, the second book in the Tears of Crimson Vampire Series. We are looking forward to bringing you the best vampire entertainment this year and continuing to share with you the wonderful talent we've discovered over the year.

Some of the highlights of 2011 are listed below and I hope you'll take the time to get to know those that you may have missed before. I would like to give my gratitude to Steve Grimaldi, Patricia Schutt, Katerina Dotcheva, and of course my co-author Sarah Snyder for all their hard work. Without incredible people like these this series would never have reached the proportions it has. We still have a long way to go in 2012 to get the word out and I'm really looking forward to working with all the Tears of Crimson staff and fans on making this a story that is shared throughout the world.

Tears of Crimson started as a dream and has turned into something that has went beyond all my expectations. Thank you for being part of journey and I look forward to continuing down the path and seeing how far we can go in the New Year!

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