Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vampire Divas

Her and I walk the streets at night, clad in black. Burgundy red paints our lips as the moonlight glows through our hair. We are on the prowl, looking for tonight's chosen one. Blood lust courses through our veins. As we walk further into the night, both of us find tonight's prey; a 6 foot tall man with short hair, leather jacket. jeans, and dark boots. I can hear his heart beat pounding. The two of us smile at him and see his cocky demeanor as he approaches. The arrogant man asks if he can take us out for a drink.... he has no idea. Simultaneously the two of us say yes to his invitation as our smiles grow bigger. We have him follow us to a nearby alley. It's so dark that even the moonlight can't be seen. Instantly he starts to touch us, kissing us one after the other. This guy think he's going to get lucky tonight, but not as lucky as my partner and I will be. He keeps touching and kissing us aggressively, until we finally throw him back against the brick wall in the alley. It's so exciting now that her and I can't contain it anymore! First her then me instantly show the man our fangs. His eyes grow wide with fear. We take turns sucking on his neck and chest, tasting his blood. It tastes like thick and sweet like raspberries. Our eyes stare so deeply into his that he can't even speak or scream anymore. Finally we sink our teeth deeper into his veins, drinking his essence until he is almost completely drained. Before the last drop is gone, she and I stop and bring him to the ground where we leave him. He is unconscious but not dead. He won't remember much in the morning. Only our faces will be a glimpse in his mind. Walking back into the moonlit night, she and I wipe off any extra drops from our faces. We can't look like too much of a mess. We touch up each
other's lipstick and walk home. What a great Friday night! By: Ruby V

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