Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Woman in Black

The other weekend my guy and I saw the British Victorian era thriller, "Woman in Black." It starred Mr. Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter. This was definitely a different role for him, which I thought was interesting. I do think he is a good actor and can definitely branch out in the film industry besides just being known as Harry Potter.

This is the brief synopsis if the film;

"Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a widowed lawyer whose grief has put his career in jeopardy, is sent to a remote village to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased eccentric woman. But upon his arrival, it soon becomes clear that everyone in the town is keeping a deadly secret. Although the townspeople try to keep Kipps from learning their tragic history, he soon discovers that the house belonging to his client is haunted by the ghost of a woman who is determined to find someone and something she lost… and no one, not even the children, are safe
from her vengeance."

They were many different facets to this film. The beginning of the film actually reminded me of the Japanese horror film, "Suicide Club," another awesome movie to check out, but with a British Victorian twist to it. The beginning starts out a little slow I admit but when it picks up, it's very fascinating and there definitely are some SCARY SCENES to it.

Daniel Radcliffe, "Arthur," going to the house of the deceased where he sees the apparition of a woman all in black. After he sees her, strange things start happening where he is seeing children in the town hurting and killing themselves. The town folk want him to leave town after that so no one else gets hurt, but he is determined to find out why people are mysteriously dying and committing suicide. Luckily Arthur befriends an older man Daily, played by actor, CiarĂ¡n Hinds, whose child had died and has a wife who feels her dead child communicates through her.

After Arthur finds how the Woman in Black's story and that she had to give up her baby because she was diagnosed with being an unfit mother. The woman finds out not long after that her son died in the marsh land, where his body had never been found and ends up taking her own life.

There were some very good scenes in Woman in Black that definitely made me jump, but the ending was very predictable. The story itself is a good story and I like the concept behind it but there are some things that could have definitely been better and improved upon.

All in all, it's a great story, but the film could definitely have been better.


  1. Many years ago I saw a wonderful stage production of Susan Hill's brilliant gothic horror story "The Woman In Black", Directed by the remarkable Dublin-based director Alan Stanford. When I heard recently that Daniel Radcliffe was starring in a big-screen adaptation I was extremely doubtful that the movie could be as good as the play. Ruby Violence's absolutely superb review has strengthened my scepticism. Daniel is a very gifted young actor but I just did not feel that this story could transfer to the big screen from the stage and retain it's spine-chilling eeriness. Thank you so much for this wonderful, exceptional review Ruby! You are the best movie reviewer on the web, and your knowledge of the horror genre is nothing short of phenomenal!

  2. I liked this one quite a bit. I think it's a somber and creepy flick. Good review!