Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Ok today's blog is about my new cool friend Spooky, her amazing Etsy shop and all the amazing bad ass clothing she creates and design.

I met Spooky on Etsy when I was looking for some custom made clothing pieces. I love buying custom clothes and jewelry because I know I'm getting one of a kind pieces that are unique and that I can have some input on how I want something made. I came across Spooky's shop and instantly fell in love. Her and I started chatting online because I had seen a dress on her site that I wanted but had already sold. (That's how cool her stuff is) All her other clothing was so amazing that it was hard for me to choose which one I wanted until she mentioned to me that if there was something I specifically wanted that wasn't already posted, she could custom make it for me. Instantly I was hooked. Right now, Spooky is beginning to create my custom horror dress which I'm so excited about, but don't want to tell you exactly what it is yet until I get so I can surprise everyone. I did recently just place another order with her and received it last night so I can definitely vouch for the great quality of her work and design.

Here is a little testimonial from Spooky on how she got started and here idea and concept behind her shop:

"I started making my own clothing in a desperate attempt to find something I liked to wear. Lets face it, unless you want to wear an over-sized men's t shirt, there's not much for us girls to choose from. I wanted to look girly and pretty while showing the horror and bands that I like. I'm a hard core horror fan and Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. So I just started out making patterns and designing clothing for girls, so we can wear what we like with a twist to it! Using the men's t shirts, I can design a really cute top or dress, that any horror vixen would love to wear. My clothing is perfect for your "walk on the wilder side!"

I agree with Spooky, 100%. While I love my concert and big horror shirts, it's always nice to have something made to flatter and fit your body. With her creations, you always get that. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. Here is the link to Spooky's Closet an d photos of just some of her clothes so definitely check out her full store when you can. The piece I just ordered is one of her bandanna halter tops that is a beautiful purple and silver color to it with a cute bat pattern. I'll be posting a photo of me wearing it in the next article but like I said again, the construction and quality of the top is perfect and is very flattering and I don't have to worry about it shredding to pieces or falling off of me. I can't wait for my sexy custom dress to wear and show off to the world. A big thank you to Spooky and here is the link to her store. Enjoy!!!


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