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Interview with Bianca Barnett

I've known Bianca for awhile but I'm better friends with her now which is very cool. Like me, she has a special place in her heart for horror flicks and more. Bianca is an incredible model and actress and has appeared in many projects in this genre and more. Besides being extremely talented in everything she does, Bianca Barnett is incredibly beautiful, very smart, passionate, and a lovely friend.

I've been wanting to interview her for my site and I finally get too. Here is Bianca Barnett's incredible story and journey that helped her to be the hot lady she is today.



Originally hailing from Texas, Bianca Barnett, the self-proclaimed “mutt” of an Italian/French father and Scots-Irish/English/German mother, has always had an innate attraction to all things macabre. Having overcome an array of personal tragedies and mishaps throughout her life has gifted her with a delicate charm and indelible strength and willpower. This juxtaposition of raw sex appeal, enigmatic attraction, and emotional fragility add to the charisma and diversity of this sensual siren both on screen and off. Ever the chameleon, Bianca has garnered a following of devoted fans by racking up an impressive resume of quirky, diverse, and challenging roles.

Standing a willowy 5’10” with striking features she began her career early on as a model after being discovered at a local mall. Always one to challenge conventional thinking, this risk taker quickly grew discouraged with a profession that relied solely on unattainable superficiality. While on vacation in New Orleans, a psychic told her she had “too much to say” to merely model. Subsequently, she decided to pursue her true dream of becoming an actress, packed up a few belongings and relocated to Los Angeles.

Never one to follow the norm, she consciously selects characters that set her apart from her peers as first seen in her breakout role as the mutated murderess known simply as “Pig Bitch” in Albino Farm which has been playing regularly on Showtime. She followed this visceral performance playing everything from a drug addled, manipulative model in Ramzi Abed’s In a Spiral State to a geek loving scream queen in Emily Hagins’ My Sucky Teen Romance, which premiered at the prestigious SXSW Film Festival in 2011 and will play at the Seattle International Film Fest in May. Her upcoming films include Pearry Teo’s highly stylized horror film, Dead Inside, and the drama, The Toy Box , which tells the story of convicted serial killer David Parker Ray. She has also modeled for a character in Dennis Willman’s GINGER-STEIN: Rise of the Undead graphic horror comic which debuted in October 2011. She won a 2011 Golden Cob Award for Best Rising B Movie Actress, which had over 14,000 votes from fans all over the world.

Things I love- my husband, acting, school, dogs, fashion, slasher flicks, hiking, organic farms, vegetarian cuisine, mountains, forests, antique shopping, historic homes and buildings, my family, working out, painting, and black forest cake.


Things I don't love- moving- I have moved at least 30 times in my life and I absolutely hate it. Also, I don't like superficial people, close-mindedness, misogynists (REALLY disgusting), and when people who try to use me.

Your favorite horror film

I love so many, I cannot choose just one. But, my favorites are usually slasher flicks from the 1970s-1980s. I love when they involve school or camping... or both! Soon I will start reviewing horror films- both old and new- in a video blog.

What draws you too horror work?

I am really not sure because I have always been obsessed with them. I love the fantasy of being scared and I have always found beauty in the macabre. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday!

My Work

Albino Farm
My Sucky Teen Romance
Dead Inside
The Toy Box
In a Spiral State
The Devil's Muse





Make sure to definitely check out this fabulous "Scream Queen," links above so you can get a glimpse of her work. I guarantee you won't regret it!

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