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Not too long ago, I was given a story by a new and awesome friend who goes by @XanderGrimm on twitter. Immediately when I read the story, I was in love.
The story is titled, "The Mind," and is an erotic, psychological thriller which definitely gets your blood flowing. Xander was sweet enough to let me post his amazing work up here and is currently working on a new hot thriller which may just have Moi as one of the characters. Here's his first masterpiece plus the process behind the genius. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

The Mind
By Xander Grimm
The shrink stares at me from across the room, a look of frustration on his face as he glances first at me, then at his watch, and then back to me again. His right leg is crossed over his left, his right foot slowly tapping the air in what would appear to be boredom. Finally, with a sigh, he speaks, his voice heavy with irritation.
“Monica, our session started fifteen minutes ago. Now, I can’t help you with these problems that you’ve been having if you don’t talk to me about them.”
I let out a sigh of my own and run my hands down my face. “Well I’m sorry doctor, but this my first time ever talking to a ‘mental health professional’, I’m kind of in uncharted territory here.”
The doctor nods and places his foot back flat on the carpet. He takes a pen and notepad from the end table next to his chair and opens the pad to the first available page. “Why don’t we just start from the beginning?”
I nod and lay my hands flat on my stomach, breathing out slowly as I begin to recall the events that led me to this little office in the middle of downtown. “I guess it started happening about six months ago. I was lying in bed one night when I thought I heard a noise in my kitchen. I went out to investigate and as soon as I stepped into the room I felt a sharp pain in my neck. Although , I suppose ‘felt’ isn’t exactly the correct word as I blacked out about ten seconds later. When I came to, it was a week later.”
The doctor raised his hand in protest and shot me a look of concern. “You blacked out for a week?! Did you notify the authorities?”
I glanced over at him and shook my head. “I thought about it, but my apartment had no evidence of a break in, everything I owned was still there, hell it didn’t even look like I had eaten any of the food I had in my refrigerator. I guess it would have been a good idea to call the police, but it just kind of seemed pointless at the time.”
He finished scribbling a couple of notes into the pad and took another look at me. “So this blackout, this is what brings you to my office today? On the phone it seemed like there were other issues at hand.”
I nodded. “There are, this was just the beginning. Ever since the original blackout I’ve been having dreams, but sometimes they feel more like memories, like I actually participated in some of the things I’m seeing. And there’s more. I’ve been having more blackouts. After the first one they only happened every couple of weeks, but lately they’ve been happening on a weekly basis, sometimes maybe two or three times a week, but those are rare occasions. And every time, I wake up in a different outfit than the one I was wearing before the blackout occurred. Sometimes I wake up naked. And I never remember anything that may have happened during that lapse in time. ”
The doctor shook his head as he continued scribbling into his notepad. “Monica I have to say, this is all very concerning. Blackouts can be signs of heart problems, lack of oxygen to the brain, and other severe health problems. But they can also be caused by other factors. If I might ask, have you ever had any issues with alcohol consumption?”
I scoff and stare at him. “I’m not a drunk, if that’s what you’re asking. I might have a glass or two of wine every once in a while, but nothing hardcore. And there’s more; lately I’ve been getting mysterious phone calls late at night. They’re not from any numbers that I know, and they always leave messages for some woman named ‘Michelle’. When they first started they were sporadic, like the blackouts, but lately they’ve become more numerous. And the other night, I answered the phone when of the numbers called, and the girl on the other line was adamant that I was this ‘Michelle’ woman! It’s driving me crazy!”
The doctor sighed softly to himself and looked up at me from his notepad. “Monica, these ‘dreams’ that you’ve been having, what are they about?”
I smile softly and stare back up at the ceiling. “They’re actually probably the weirdest part of this whole mess, aside from the blackouts of course. As I told you, they come to me as dreams, but sometimes they feel more like memories. Flashes of violent attacks, biting and scratching, blood gushing everywhere. And other times, it’s visions of sex, stuff I’ve never even thought of, much less experienced, writhing and moaning in strange beds with men and women, sometimes with just one partner, sometimes with several. And with everything, both the violence and the sex, they’re all involving people I’ve never seen before. I don’t even know what to do about them.”
The doctor nods again and sets his notepad and pen down on the end table. “Well Monica, one’s subconscious is a bizarre place, full of its own thoughts and ideas, many of which have no real connection to the real world and just pop up out of nowhere. I’m going to write you a couple of prescriptions, and I’d also like to see you again. It also might be a good idea to see your physician, if only to confirm a bill of perfect physical health. Other than that, we’re done here for today, my secretary will assist in setting up the next appointment.” He stands and extends his hand.
I smile and stand from the couch before shaking his hand. “Thank you doctor, sorry I was a little uncooperative earlier, but it felt good to vent. I’ll see you at the next visit.” I release his hand and walk towards the door to his office, stopping briefly to adjust my hair in the full-length mirror next to it, when I hear a soft gasp from behind me. I turn to see the doctor pointing at the mirror, a look of horror across his face, his body shaking. “Doctor, what’s wrong?” A dark pool appears in the middle of the shrink’s pants, he begins to scream, and I blackout.
When I wake, I am naked, and still standing in front of the doctor’s mirror, my unshielded flesh staring back at me from the polished glass. A metallic smell is heavy in the air. A speck of red at the top of my breast winks at me from the mirror, I glance down and scoop it from my skin and place it in my mouth. It’s metallic and sweet, like copper pennies mixed with sangria. And all at once, I remember. The memories of the last six months flood back into my brain like a fucking dam burst. The people I’d feasted on, but even better, the ‘people’ that I had fucked. Recalling every experience was like experiencing a lifetime of sex in one bliss-filled second. And it’s too much, even for my enhanced bodily strength. I drop to my knees in the throes of orgasm as waves of pleasure rock through my body. Finally, the orgasms break and I bend over panting, my own scent wafting up from a small puddle between my legs. My fangs slide down over my bottom lip and a huge grin breaks across my face as I turn back to look at the doctor’s corpse, laying in a pool of his own blood, his throat ripped open. “Well doc, it seems our session together helped me out more than we both thought.” I turn my gaze back to the mirror, now providing a view of nothing but the office furniture behind me. Even though I can’t see my face anymore, I can still tell that I’m grinning. And for the first time in many years, not only am I happy, but I know exactly who I am…

I love this story a lot. Here's a little background of his creative process. It's very fascinating and intriguing to me.


Hello my freaky darlings, Xander Grimm here, and hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to read my short story “The Mind”, which was posted up recently here on the Horror Lovers Spot. Our lovely site mistress Ruby Violence has asked me to write a little bit of background on my thought process for the story, so here we go.
Vampire fiction has been a favorite of mine for many years and as such I have wanted to write my own, but procrastinated for some time as I could not think of anything original to really add to the genre. And then I saw an episode of Law and Order: SVU involving a woman apparently dealing with a split personality disorder. And then it hit me: what would happen if someone afflicted with a multiple personality disorder was turned into a vampire? Would the other personalities be aware of the change? Would they display the strengths and weaknesses that accompany the transformation if they weren’t aware one had occurred? Well like most of my other ponderings the idea percolated for a while before, thanks to additional information and ideas picked up from show like United States of Tara and NCIS, the plot for “The Mind” finally came to fruition.
As the first idea of mine to actually make it into a physical medium, I am naturally very excited to have it published here on the blog. Originally the story was meant to be a one-shot, just a simple short story with a curious premise, and that was it. However, the initial response from the few people that have already read it prior to its posting was so positive that I have decided to make “The Mind” part one in a trilogy of short stories starring my vampy vixen. The next installment will be titled “The Body”, and will deal with our anti-heroine attempting to track down her vampiric sire. I hope to have a sample up for you folks very soon, with the full story out by the end of the year. Well that’s about it for me at the moment, so until next time darlings, keep it dark and keep it bloody!

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